Passion flower is soothing to the spirit and calming to the mind.

This beautiful fruiting vine has been known to promote natural relaxation and normal stress reduction by increasing GABA, which is the activity of some brain cells that may be causing anxiety are lowered.. making you feel more relaxed.


For restful sleep and reducing nervousness people like to make an herbal blend or extracts of passion flower, St. John’s Wort and valerian root


Passion flower can also help to slow the mind with is ability to smooth the proper flow of energy, inspiring a release in emotional energy that may have been bound up inside.


I was blessed to try the delicious fruit while we where in Santa Barbra California, my taste buds are drooling just thinking about how tasty it was.


When I don’t have the glory of eating the fruit my Passion flower go to is in tea form.


Have you tried Passion flower before? If so how? Was it in a tea or where you lucky enough to try the fruit?

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