A Tutorial on
How to use Henna Hair Dye
for Natural Healthy Hair

Today Stanley is helping me henna my hair brown! Starting off with clean, non oily hair using Dr. Bronners soap. Next we make up our mixture starting off with a half cup of henna, one table spoon of applecider vinegar and coffee, mixing until the constancy is nice and smooth.

Then I section my hair off into three parts. Starting from the bottom up Stanley massages the henna into my roots and works it down to my tips. (PRO TIP, USE GLOVES!!) If you don’t have gloves like us be sure to wash your hands right away to avoid staining.

We needed to add in a little more henna to our mix, if that happens to you don’t worry.. just mix up some more! I let it sit for 50 min, then rinsed it out with water. you can go as long as you want.. some people even try to sleep with it on. 

The next day I shampooed and conditioned my hair like normal. The smell took about 3 days to dissipate so keep that in mind. I love how soft and shiny my hair is!

THE HENNA WE USED: http://bit.ly/HairHenna

MY MAKEUP: http://bit.ly/MyNaturalMakeup

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