On this day Stanley and I where the brokest we’ve ever been, with less than $10 in our pockets. (as far as cash flow goes) Eating beans and rice for a few weeks, we finally found a food bank that would give us access with out having an address 🙏🏻 (I look back now and know we choose that and it didn’t have to be that way) This same day we managed to find work on Craigslist, this is how we made it to Oregon for the very first time.

Another picture from our adventures, taken in Santa Barbara, California. We captured a lot throughout the time we where on the road, however it wasn’t always easy to share our experience in the moment, as we where focused on taking care of our basic needs, making sure we had gas, figuring out where we would sleep.. and so on.

I know not sharing my experience then is just an excuse and I go in my way of my dreams for a long time.. I don’t deserve that. Neither do you. 

So instead of keeping all of my exciting adventures and cool finds to my self I’m going to start documenting and sharing a whole lot more.

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