Three years ago.. I finally was able to enjoy makeup again! 
The reason I stopped wearing make up was because my body and skin are so sensitive. The chemicals in most products irritate my skin and cause me to have issues breathing.

😷I searched for years for makeup.. because I love to dress up and express creativity. After trying a lot of brands I found 100% pure in an airport. I WAS IN COSMETIC HEVAN.🤤Absolutely mind blown that the ingredients where so good for my face… and it’s makeup!

Its made with super nourishing ingredients like flower and plant extracts

Now.. you don’t have to be sensitive like me to know that ditching those chemical makeup brands will do wonders for your skin especially as we age.

If anyone tries to tell you what you’re putting on your skin doesn’t absorb through.. they are crazy! Did you know our skin is like a sponge and absorbs what ever touches it pretty much instantly?!

😨I could tell you about the dangerous ingredients that is loaded in one tube of conventional lipstick.. but you are smart and an empowered woman!!
Go google toxic ingredients found in lipstick and see for yourself that #nodirtybeauty is the way to be!

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